FLO introduces Maori, the collection of new paper cups


The new line of MAORI paper cups is a tribute to the mythical New Zealand population of proud and courageous warriors.

Known to the western world especially for the Haka, the ancient war dance that the All Blacks rugby team adopted as a propitiatory rite before the start of each game, the Maori are also known for using the tattoo as an instrument of social communication. A people of warriors, strong and determined, who have always fought to protect their cultural background.

Coping with difficult situations, giving a new input to one's existence to achieve important goals. This is the message of the new FLO line inspired by the Maori, their culture and the deep meaning of their tattoos.

The graphics of the new FLO line of paper cups reproduce the most popular "kirituhi" tattoos, the most decorative and full of meaning representation of Maori tattoos.


The Maori collection is available in all standard sizes from 8cl to 34cl capacity. In each pack there are 3 different graphics.

All the cups of the MAORI line are produced with paper coming from PEFC certified forests (Program for Endorsement of Forestry Certification). For each tree used, 3-4 new trees are planted following an ecologically appropriate forest management, aimed at achieving social benefits.

The new Maori line has also successfully passed the ATICELCA recyclability tests (Aticelca® 501).

The Aticelca system is a method for evaluating the recyclability of paper and cardboard products, compliant with UNI 11743: 2019

The analysis simulates the phases of the processing processes of the paper to be recycled up to the production of a new sheet. The final evaluation indicates the degree of recyclability, i.e. the total quantity of recycled product compared to the starting quantity. Maori cups obtained an A rating, which corresponds to a difference of less than 10%.