RiVending at Ecomondo

University of Parma and Versalis (ENI), two among the companies that first adopted the innovative project for the circular economy in the automatic distribution sector, the exceptional testimonials.



Daniele Ferrari, CEO of Versalis (ENI), explained that "plastic waste is an extraordinary resource if properly recovered and recycled". Paolo Martelli, Vice Chancellor of the University of Parma, emphasized that it is "challenging to educate the new generations to properly recycle cups and stirrers".

During the meeting organized by COREPLA, CONFIDA and UNIONPLAST, ENPA the National Animal Protection Agency, the oldest and most important protectionist association in Italy founded by Giuseppe Garibaldi in 1871, received as a gift, 5000 dog bowls made with recovery materials of the RiVending project.



The project, started from Parma thanks also to the commitment of FLO Spa, will be extended throughout Italy with a first phase of EDUCATION, in which the interested customers will be involved, the baskets will be positioned and the communication on the project will be promoted.

Upon reaching a number of tons that makes the project efficient, the plastic bag will be replaced with the RiVending bag and the agreement for the start of the separate collection circuit of cups and palettes will be finalized.

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