Flo is proud to introduce Hybrid 40. The new cup, 100% recyclable, is made with an innovative material created by replacing part of the polystyrene of which traditional vending cups are made, with a mixture of mineral salts of natural origin.

The analysis carried out on the "carbon footprint" of a Hybrid 40 cup, corresponding to the amount of CO2 released into the environment during its life cycle, has confirmed a 40% reduction in emissions compared to the 165L bestseller.

The most popular vending cups on the European market are now available with the Hybrid material, starting from 100L of 10cl capacity, the small one for Italian espresso coffee, to the best-selling 165L up to the 150 EVO and 180 Thermo Wood higher capacity versions.

Hybrid 40 is also suitable for Rivending, the virtuous cycle of recovery and recycling of cups and stirrers for vending machines.