Biologica: The new Line


The new range of FLO products made with raw materials from 100% renewable resources All the complementary and alternative materials to those traditionally produced by FLO are contained in this new line, which responds to a growing trend manifested by attentive and environmentally conscious consumers, in preferring sustainable products, which are therefore 100% recyclable and/or coming from easily renewable and compostable resources.

The range includes tableware made of vegetable fiber, compostable biopolymers, paper and wood, all raw materials derived from 100% naturals resources, processed in such a way as to ensure maximum quality and performance of the product.

Within the Biological range, depending on the type of materials, the following categories are distinguished:

  • Vegetable fiber: plates and trays in virgin fiber derived from "bagasse" or paper pulp;
  • Paper: plates and cups in white virgin paper;
  • Papercolor: colored range of paper disposables dedicated to parties;
  • ecOkay: transparent cups and cutlery made of compostable biopolymer;
  • Wood: birch wood cutlery.