Serie Ocra Vending

Serie Ocra Vending


The all around cartridge that reduces water total hardness and optimizes the pH level.
Integrated fixed by-pass.


Profine - Serie Ocra Vending


Profine® BIG OCRA Vending cartridge includes several treatments in one multi-stage product:

  • provides optimal protection against limescale;
  • removes water total hardness;
  • food grade certificated resin for water treatment;
  • does not alter the water pH;
  • equipped with integrated fixed by-pass.

All these features make Profine® BIG OCRA Vending ideal for use in hot and cold drink preparation.


Profine® Big Ocra Vending



  1. integrated fixed by-pass;
  2. micrometric pre-filtration to eliminate dirt and particles;
  3. upper diffuser to optimize the inlet flow;
  4. bed of high efficiency ion exchange material to provide the maximum exchange capacity in a limited space;
  5. bacteriostatic micrometric post-filtering stage: to avoid smell, unwanted taste, chlorine compounds and bacterial growth.