Water filters

Water filters

Reliability, high quality products, a culture of innovation and over 45 years of experience, have made FLO the high benchmark for the vending industry.

Already a leader in the European marketplace and one who works closely with the sectors most influential companies, FLO
has now extended its offering portfolio to include a complete water treatment range.


Why Think:Water

FLO chose to partner with a company recognized as one of the most experienced in water treatment: Think:Water.

Think:WaterWith Think:Water filter cartridges, FLO is adding to the range of services and high quality products it offers to its customers.
Think:Water are an Italian company with a wealth of experience in the production of water treatment systems.
The perfect partner to work with on the Profine® Vending Project: a range of innovative water filter cartridges specifically for the vending industry.



The Profine® Filter Cartridges

Together with Think:Water, FLO designed a range of filters specifically for the Vending and Ho.Re.Ca. sectors, and exclusively available across Europe under the Profine® trademark. Manufactured in Italy.

The Vending Profine® Range is a genuine new alternative for todays automatic hot and cold drinks machines.
A wide range of products designed and tested to meet all the needs of the hotel, catering and vending sectors.



  1. High quality filter cartridges, with higher capacity than todays market average.
  2. Universal fittings, part of the filter cartridge.
    A design which reduces the dimensions of the filters (by 30%), making filter replacement easier and simpler for staff.
  3. All products exclusively made at Think:Water in Padova - where the quality of raw materials is guaranteed, production tightly controlled and all components are full traceable.

Every product is repeatedly quality tested and checked in our laboratories using simulated site conditions.
This includes detailed analysis of water, filtered and unfiltered, to verify the effectiveness of the treatment process.





Serie Cream

Serie Cream


Serie Brown

Serie Brown


Serie Ocra Vending

Serie Ocra Vending

Serie Silver

Serie Silver


Filtro Perfetto

Filtro Perfetto