Hybrid 40

The evolution goes on!
CO2 emissions reduced by 40% with the new 165 SC Hybrid 40.

Aware of the important role that research on new materials can have to respect the environment, FLO launched its Hybrid project. Hybrid is an innovative material that replaces part of the polystyrene element of traditional vending cups with a mix of natural salts.

The Carbon footprint evaluation of an Hybrid cup certified a 25% reduction of CO2 emissions in comparison with a standard cup made of 100% polystyrene. With a further ECO design development, FLO has created an even lighter model, the 165 SC Hybrid 40, which achieve a 40% reduction of CO2 emissions.

Today the most popular vending cups on the European market are available also in Hybrid version, starting from a typical Italian Espresso cup 10cl to the bestselling 165 L or to cups with a larger capacity 150 EVO and 180 Hybrid Thermo Wood.

Reduction of CO2 emissions using Hybrid in comparison with the standard PS cup.

The addition of Hybrid in the FLO vending cups range has brought a significant and continuously growing reduction of CO2 emissions amount as shown by the 2nd graph in the above picture.


The reduction has exceeded in 2018 the 1800 tons. Hybrid is 100% recyclable as plastic waste and can be included in the “Rivending” scheme that grants its full material recovery at the end of the life cycle.

Life cycle analysis and the relevant Carbon Footprint evaluations have been carried out by an independent body, DNV Business Assurance, in accordance with ISO 14064, the international reference standard for greenhouses gas measurements and PAS 2050 which sets the criteria for the evaluation of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of a product and its environmental impact.