The Flo world


Flo was founded in 1973 by will of its founder Dott. Antonio Simonazzi, as a manufacturer of automatic vending cups. 
From an individual reality which grew and strongly integrated in the region of Parma, namely in Fontanellato, over the years Flo have invested in the transalpine countries, by transferring the typical Italian quality and culture into the production and commercial sites throughout Europe. 
Today, after almost forty years since its foundation, Flo represents a multinational of recognized seriousness and professionalism in the fields of retail, vending and HORECA.



Spreading our presence everywhere by listening and anticipating customers' requirement. Amongst Flo's company values, it's relationship with people is of primary importance and customers are partners with whom increased growth and improvement is made together. 
Such a priority is strengthened by Flo's service to customers, attentive to the quality of the product offered and able to find solutions in line with the requirements for an international multi-faceted market. 
Currently a great part of Flo's care is devoted to the research of products and solutions which have a low environmental impact. 
By directly keeping the marketplace informed on the important benefits that plastic disposable items can bring to the environment, when disposed correctly.




Flo started as a factory producing plastic cups for vending market. This cups are full-featured technical items that must comply with special requirements in terms of dimensions, weights, surface treatments, uniformity of the material with very low margins error. 
It is, therefore, evident how the quality and control of the product/processing parameters have been part of the company since its birth. 
The experience achieved in the Vending sector, which is considered as the most technical market to deal with, was useful to enter, as a premium supplier, other markets such as Retail and Catering. 
Full traceability of the products is granted from the arrival of raw material at the factory up to each single pack of finished product through to the end user.