Custom printed
plastic cups

Custom printed
plastic cups

Custom print on plastic cups

  • Possibility to personalize most cups
  • Printing up to 6 colours
  • Innovative technology to print images with photographic resolution
  • Full service package: we take care anything - from the graphic design of an “ad hoc” image up to its realization
  • Delivery delay:
    - First print run: 6/8 weeks after disclaimer confirmation
    - Repeated prints 4/6 weeks after order confirmation



Unique code print

Flo has developed a technology to print a unique code on each cup.
This allows the creation of promotions and/or contests using the cups as medium on which the printing of an advertisement relevant to the campaign is also possible.
The cup becomes an effective and not expensive tool to increase the visibility of your brand.




Multiple print

Flo gives you the possibility to print cups with different subjects in the same pack.
According to the dimensions of the cup you can have up to 6 different subjects in the same pack. For more information refer to your local rep.