A Flo product, for those who developed, designed, produced, believed, and decided to invest in it, is not just a food container, it is a small masterpiece.

Retail & Horeca

For 60 years, we have been collaborating with major players in our industry and we have been supplying international retail chains as well as Italian and European catering professionals with a comprehensive range of products, manufactured according to concepts of sustainable materials.
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Design, functionality, ambience: these are the features that make all Flo products for the vending market stand out. We have been in vending for as long as we have existed: we are proud to be part of this industry and to have contributed to its growth.
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Coffee capsules

Over 40 years of experience in thermoforming, combined with our knowledge of the needs of coffee roasters, have allowed us produce a high-quality capsule with a number of important features, such as perfect rim, automatic stacking and easier unstacking.
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Industrial Containers

Within the Group’s ‘Packaging’ division, an important place is occupied by the range of containers for the dairy industry.
Technical artefacts, designed to the highest quality standards, respecting the principles of the circular economy.
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A customised product is an excellent communication and marketing tool. We produce customised cups with up to 6-colour offset technology for high-definition printing in a fully dedicated printing department. The customer’s brand can be faithfully reproduced on cups or yoghurt pots, turning each individual piece into an effective communication tool.
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