Industrial Containers

Industrial Containers

For over 30 years we have specialised in the production of containers for the dairy sector, in particular yoghurt cups and fresh cheese trays.

Cross-cutting skills

Thanks to our R&D engineers' ability to listen to our customers, meet their needs and apply their insights, we can turn an idea into a successful , user-friendly product that meets the objectives expected. This has lead to the creation of a selected range of tailor-made products, developed according to the customers' specifications, and thus responding to their specific needs.
The group's vast experience and cross-functional expertise in both research and material processing are fundamental to manufacture products ranging from traditional plastics to bioplastics to cardboard.

Sustainability awareness

We follow all production stages: from research of materials, through prototyping, to the industrialisation of the validated product.
A focus on the entire life cycle that goes beyond the technical-industrial aspect: our team of LCA Specialists, in fact, supports R&D at all stages of container development to assess its potential impacts through in-house LCA studies and identify the most sustainable solution.
These studies must be based on objective and scientifically recognised data. This is why in March 2020 we published the EPD (Enviromnental Programme Declarations) for a family of 125 g yoghurt cups, a third-party certified document that systematically and rigorously communicates the results obtained in the LCA study. A distinctive added value for our customers, which allows us to accompany the decision-making process on the future of food packaging, using a common, standardised language.

Un laboratorio specializzato

Tutte le fasi dello sviluppo di un contenitore industriale “transitano” per il laboratorio FCPLab: una struttura autonoma ma inserita nella sede di Verona, in grado di sviluppare test accreditati da Accredia (Numero di accreditamento 1724 L). In laboratorio, grazie ad una dotazione tecnologica di prim’ordine e alla presenza di un team di esperti in chimica, fisica e microbiologia, i prodotti in via di sviluppo vengono sottoposti a test e valutazioni severe e diversificate. I nostri contenitori vengono sottoposti a test tecnologici e di alimentarietà in conformità tutte le normative nazionali ed europee e i protocolli interni, per un controllo a 360° che garantisce la sicurezza ai nostri clienti ed ai consumatori.


The possibility of customising the product also passes through its graphic decoration, thanks to an all-round service ranging from the graphic study of an image to its offset printing on the product .
The Group's decoration activity on plastic products is concentrated in the Verona plant in a dedicated area with controlled atmosphere: quality and control parameters guarantee full compliance with food contact and food packaging requirements.
Offset printing allows for great flexibility and accuracy in the realisation of graphics; it also allows for the use of up to 8 different colours.

Dialogue throughout the supply chain

A design and production activity aimed at successfully passing the most important test, i.e. industrial packaging by our customers, subsequent handling through the whole supply chain till the final consumers throughout Europe. At all these stages, our staff is always ready to support the customer and the customer's customer, right up to retail distribution.
An ongoing dialogue that leads to continuous improvement.