Zero Waste

Flo projects on recycling and environmental sustainability


Zero Waste means not rejecting anything, giving new life to the material and enhancing it through virtuous processes of product recycling, as well as transforming the materials that represent the residue of production.

"The plastics used in packaging - explains Erika Simonazzi, dir. mkt by Flo Spa - whether they are polymers derived from petroleum or bioplastics from renewable resources, they are an important asset for the environment because they are 100% recyclable several times without losing their original characteristics ".

The virtuous projects supported by Flo SpA include RiVending, the cycle for the recovery and recycling of plastic cups and stirrers for vending machines, and GEA the new-generation coffee capsule entirely composed of PLA Ingeo, a technical biopolymer produced by NatureWorks, resulting from renewable plant resources.

Without forgetting the absolute novelty in terms of design: "The 3D Bar", the first bar completely 3D printed by an anthropomorphic robotic system realized through a generative design process using the waste material deriving from the production of GEA single-serving coffee capsules from Flo SpA.