Flo's special maintenance team is trained for extreme conditions

Fire prevention in Flo's automatic warehouse is guaranteed by the low percentage of oxygen, but this results in extreme atmospheric conditions, which have made it necessary to provide members of the maintenance team with special technical and physical training.

Keeping a low oxygen level in the automatic warehouse prevents the initiation and development of fire; however, this has required the company to set up an adequate system and apply very rigid safety measures. In case of technical faults or jammed pallets, the 12 maintenance operators are allowed to stay in the warehouse a maximum of two hours, after which an alarm is triggered. Air composition in the warehouse is constantly monitored by 60 sensors to guarantee that the percentage of oxygen is always 15%.

Team members undergo regular medical check-ups to ensure that they are in perfect health condition. They also take courses in high-altitude climbing with expert mountain guides, known internationally for having climbed to over 8000m.

The warehouse is also used by the Fire Department's  SAF (Speleology Alpine River) team for training under adverse conditions.