Plastic or compostable?

Plastic or compostable?

With the title "The Usual Suspects (Part Two)" the group (Manufacturers of Disposable Plastic Tableware), established within Unionplast, has launched  the second part of a communication campaign on the real environmental impact of disposable plastic tableware, which turned out to be lower than that of compostable polylactic acid and cellulose plates and cups. references the comparative study carried out in the first months of 2015, which analysed plates and cups made from different materials and evaluated their impact at every phase of their life cycle (cradle-to-grave Life Cycle Assessment).

The LCA tool, in the words of Chairman Marco Omboni, "is the most effective and reliable in assessing the environmental impact of products. Our Group is pleased to make its use available to anyone interested in environment protection, in the hope that research findings will be taken into consideration to avoid making decisions that are proven wrong by research".

The aim of the new campaign is therefore to spark attention and debate among those dealing with environmental issues, providing them with solid scientific data that will bring new insights into the problem.

The commitment and responsibility of the group of disposable tableware manufacturers is confirmed by the commencement of a new study, this time on the topic of hygiene and safety of tableware and food containers in the food industry. The research has been commissioned by the University of Milan.

The results of the comparative Life Cycle Assessment research can be found on the group's website