New life for vending cups and stirrers


Starts in Parma RiVending, an innovative project aimed to create a circular economy stream in the vending industry.


RivendingThe circular economy enters into vending thanks to the RiVending project, a virtuous cycle of recovery and recycling of plastic cups and stirrers for vending machines wanted by CONFIDA - Italian Automatic Distribution Association, COREPLA -National Consortium for Collection and Recovery of Plastic Packaging, UNIONPLAST -National Association of Plastics Transforming Industries.

The pilot project, sponsored by the municipality of Parma, is coordinated on the territory by FLO Spa, and will be held with the participation of Molinari Buonristoro and GeSA Vending, two major Italian vending operators and with the support of Iren, a private company that deals, also for the province of Parma, with the integrated waste management cycle.

The project is born to make the recycling of the plastic cups used in vending machines more sustainable by creating a "closed circle" in compliance with the requests of European Union in the perspective of an efficient circular economy.


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