Hybrid Thermo 180 is born: innovation and style to benefit the environment


The revolutionary concept of the Hybrid cup applied to the Thermo series, which Flo gears to the German market, has led to the creation of the Hybrid Thermo 180, the cup that will be on centre stage in Flo's stand at Eu-Vend Coffeena in Cologne 2015.

Hybrid Thermo 180 combines the environmentally friendly approach of the Hybrid range with an absolutely innovative look.

By addressing the consumers' heightened awareness of environmental issues, Hybrid increases the brand value of the company that proposes it and, at the same time, provides a convincing argument for justifying an increase in product prices, thus improving margins.

The company has developed a new composite material in which the percentage of plastic is drastically reduced and replaced by a mixture of natural salts; this new material has resulted in a significant reduction of CO2 emission in the atmosphere, while retaining the reliability of the best plastic vending cup.

The newborn Hybrid Thermo 180 combines the benefits of a composite material with more compact stacking compared to the standard 180 Thermo: this means reduced truck transport and fewer operator trips to recharge the vending machine.

Using Hybrid Thermo 180 cups reduces the overall quantity of CO2 emitted in the environment by 27% compared to standard 180 Thermo cups, which is the equivalent of approximately 8.5 tons of CO2 saved for each truckload. These results have been processed and verified by the third-party body DNV GL- Business Assurance, in compliance with international standards ISO 14040:2006 and ISO TS 14067:2013.

The uniqueness of Hybrid Thermo can be seen and felt, the texture is rough and the colour is streaked with warm brown lines that recall wood; every cup looks different and offers consumers a unique experience.

The textured ring on the top part of the cup, created to provide a better grip, completes the special features of this unique product.

An absolute innovation in the vending segment and a perfect blend between an eco-friendly product, a high-performing technical container and a design object.


Visitors at Eu-Vend & Coffeena 2015 will be able to preview the Hybrid Termo 180 from 24th to 26th September 2015 at the Flo stand (Hall 09.1, Aisle A no.098).