Hybrid-cup, innovation and environmental awareness in a cup


With its innovative Hybrid line products, Flo has confirmed its great care for the environment, by designing and producing 100% recyclable cups with low environmental impact.


Hybrid Cup

Hybrid-cup is a vending cup that cuts CO2  emissions by 40% (percentage confirmed by DNV Business Assurance) compared to traditional products. Flo's major investment in research and development has made it possible to achieve this important objective, by replacing part of the PS with natural mineral salts and adjusting the design to guarantee perfect performance in vending machines despite a 13% weight reduction.

Every truck (33 pallets) leaving the Fontanellato plant to deliver Hybrid-cups, guarantees a 14.7 ton reduction in CO2 over traditional cups.

Flo's studies also concentrated on improving consumption experience for end users. The textured ring in the top part of the Hybrid-cup significantly improves comfort during use.