Coffee capsules

Coffee capsules

We design and produce coffee capsules that are compatible with the most commonly used systems on the international market as well as personalised capsules for proprietary systems.
With over 60 years’ experience in the manufacturing of food packaging, we have acquired across-the-board expertise in both materials and products, which enables us to approach new projects competently and effectively.
Our focus is on sustainable innovation, without compromising quality. This is why our strict capsule design and testing are crucial to ensuring an excellent in-cup result.

The technology: thermoforming

Our unique thermoformed capsules are perfectly formed, meet exacting quality standards and are extremely light.
The extrusion thermoforming process is ideal for the production of reliable, multi-layered objects of consistent quality thanks to the even and uniform distribution of the layers. Each layer can have different physical and chemical properties as well as different thicknesses. This allows us to create products with a variety of different characteristics and functionalities which can be customised to suit the type of product.

‘Tailor-made' projects

Over the years we have established ourselves as the supplier of choice for coffee roasters seeking customised solutions for their systems.
Listening carefully to the needs of customers, by involving them from the earliest stages of the project, is crucial for creating tailor-made capsules.
At our dedicated research centre we are involved in every stage of the process, from the initial concept to the prototype to the testing prior to large-scale manufacturing.


The IN MOLD TRIM technology ensures perfect edges without any imperfections at the cutting stage. The capsule obtained is easily centred in the coffee filling machine. The symmetrical flat edge makes it easy to weld the lid onto the capsule.
In thermoforming, thin layers are used to achieve a high degree of precision in the details; this results in a light and technically advanced capsule that guarantees the same performance as those of the leading international brands.

A dedicated laboratory

In our research laboratory, a research team of engineers and chemists assess the quality of the capsules by evaluating their physical and chemical characteristics, functionality in the filling machines and dispensing quality. A special software, compatible with the most commonly used home coffee makers, makes it possible to monitor all the parameters on which dispensing depends, including pressure, timing and liquid loss. Only when the capsules have gone through rigorous laboratory testing are they deemed ready for the manufacturing phase.