Coffee capsules

Coffee capsules

Our company's experience in the vending sector, recognised by everyone as one of the most technical and difficult markets to deal with,  has allowed us to acquire the expertise needed to complement the traditional plastic and paperboard cup range with the new hot drink capsules.  Like vending cups, these are technical items that must meet specific requirement in terms of size, weight, surface finish and uniformity of the material.



Our in-depth study of the market and collaboration with major European operators have guided  us in choosing the best technology.
Over 40 years of experience in thermoforming, combined with our knowledge of the needs of coffee roasters, have allowed us produce a high-quality capsule with a number of important features, such as:

  1. Perfect rim. MODUL TRIM technology guarantees a perfect edge with no plastic burr or asymmetric cuts. A properly formed capsule  is easy to position on filling devices. The symmetric, smooth edge ensures excellent and extremely easy sealing.
  2. Automatic stacking. The capsules are automatically stacked by the machine, the box is filled with a fixed number of pieces with significant optimisation of space use. A larger number of capsules per box means less time is needed to load them into the hopper of the filling machine.
  3. Easier unstacking. The extreme accuracy of the construction details of our capsules enable fast, effective unstacking.



Flo capsules are made of single-layer  PP and PP/EVOH/PP with oxygen barrier layer.
PP is an unbreakable plastic material with excellent heat resistance: this guarantees excellent performance levels at high temperatures.

EVOH provides a functional barrier to oxygen and water steam , and is therefore used to preserve the organoleptic properties of the product it contains.



Flo uses an all round approach, totally geared to its customers' needs. We propose customised projects that are made up of three steps:

  1. Design. An in-house qualified team of engineers is available to design custom-made capsules for customers.
  2. Prototyping. The capsule designed with the customer is turned into a prototype. A pilot plant then produces a sample lot for use in the testing phase.
  3. Industrial production. Once the prototype is approved, the phase of industrial production on high-performing new generation plants can start.



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