The Compostables


The Compostables

GEA is a family of technically advanced capsules that fully meet the requirements of the most demanding coffee roasters.
A new generation of coffee capsules that uses compostable, oxygen-barrier materials while ensuring excellent coffee quality.
Available in Nespresso, Lavazza A modo mio and Blu and K-cup formats.

Sustainability without compromise

Gea provides a smart and simple way to return precious coffee grounds to the soil as compost, without compromising on the coffee tasting experience and aroma.
A stable and reliable capsule to be disposed of with compostable items, designed to biodegrade only in an industrial composting plant over a period of time.

The material

Made from PLA Ingeo, a technical polymer derived from renewable sources, supplied by Natureworks, the largest manufacturer globally of bioplastics.
PLA or polylactic acid is extracted from maize, in particular from the non-noble part of the maize, which is not used for human consumption. Ingeo PLA is ISCC-certified to guarantee sustainable soil use and ensures that farmers' welfare is protected.
The use of pure PLA layers provides the capsule with excellent mechanical strength over time. It also does not contain THF.

GEA Calix La desiderata

Designed to be compatible with Nespresso, the GEA capsule is the perfect blend of technology and sustainability.
It is made of pure PLA and paper, two natural materials combined to maximise the performance of a capsule; the PLA structure ensures mechanical strength, durability, and ability to withstand dispensing pressure, as well as an excellent barrier to atmospheric oxygen. The paper bottom lid is designed to facilitate easy perforation by the machine’s needles. It also features a sealing ring on the edge to enhance grip and prevent the problem of spillages.

The certifications

All GEA capsules can be disposed of in the household compostable waste collection and then sent for industrial composting.
Certification is regulated by the harmonised standard EN 13432:2000. All products displaying this logo comply with the requirements of the EU Packaging Directive (94/62/EEC).

All GEA capsules have been awarded '4-star BIOBASED', the highest possible rating, indicating that they contain more than 80 per cent renewable material.
More specifically, laboratory tests have shown that GEA capsules contain over 94% renewable material, rising to 100% with the single-layer version.

OK biobased' issued by TUV Austria, certifies the amount of raw material from renewable sources contained in the capsule, according to EN 16785-1:2015 standard