Calix CNA24
The best in the cup!

Calix CNA24
The best in the cup!


Vibrant colours, new materials, top edge technology, close attention to details, all are the key elements of the Calix CNA24 capsule range.
A top performing capsule that delivers tasty and high-quality coffee.



The Material

Il materialeCalix CNA24 is a self-protected capsule for Nespresso* systems. It is produced using a thermoforming process that layers different materials to achieve optimum performance.



The Shape

The shape of Calix CNA24 was carefully studied and developed to perform consistently in the machine, delivering the best looking and best tasting cup of coffee.

The Shape


Six equidistant holes on the diffuser guarantee even water distribution into the ground coffee and avoid creating “channels”.

The aluminium base lid, sealed by FLO, ensures a clean perforation that doesn’t interfere with the brewing process.

A tight seal ring sits perfectly in the machine and prevents any water spillage.



The Barrier Quality

Qualità barrieraDesigned to work smoothly in all the Nespresso capsule machines today available, Calix CNA24’s oxygen and Water Vapor barrier technology grant an excellent protection of the coffee blend and aroma.
Calix CNA24 passed successfully the Oxygen and Water Vapor transmission test, with results similar to and lower than the detection limit of the instrument. This means that the permeating value is too low to be measurable.

Laboratory tests show that the FLO barrier capsules grant a shelf life of approximately 24 months*.
The shelf life is affected by the characteristics of the packaging, by the sealing lid, by the coffee type, how it is ground and by the general storage conditions. For this reason it is advisable that the test is carried out by the coffee roaster using the chosen coffee sort and type of sealing lid.

*Tests carried on self-protected AMM and Nespresso compatible capsules, filled with a 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta coffee mix, post degassing at 23°C temperature and sealed with a 30μ aluminum lid.



O2TR (Oxygen Transmission Rate): measures the amount of oxygen that passes through a substance over a given period. It is measured in cubic centimeters of O2 permeating the capsule over 24 hours.

WVTR (Water Vapor Transmission Rate): measures the amount of water vapor that passes through a substance over a given period in “tropical” condition (High temperature and Humidity). It is measured in cubic centimeters of water vapor permeating the capsule over 24 hours.

SHELF LIFE: measures the time within which no significative alterations of the product occur.



The Color

is available in 10 colours with matching aluminium seal. An attractive and high-tech capsule that makes every coffee break a special occasion.


Calix CNA24




*This Trade Mark is not the property of FLO S.p.A. or any company connected to FLO S.p.A.