The Municipality of Parma, with the RiVending project, wins the 2019 edition of the "Sustainable Vending" award

The city received the recognition for the implementation of the best sustainable development project applied to the vending machine sector. The award was received by Mayor Federico Pizzarotti within the "Cresco Award - Sustainable Cities", organized by the Sodalitas Foundation and ANCI.


RiVending is a project born from the desire and commitment of Flo Spa, which coordinated the pilot project on Parma.

Supported from the beginning by CONFIDA, COREPLA and UNIONPLAST, RiVending is the practical expression of the circular economy applied to the world of vending machines: a virtuous circle of recovery and recycling of plastic cups and pallets.

The project involved the company in charge of waste collection in the city, Iren, and 20 of the most important companies in the Parma area including Barilla, Cerve, Sidel, Casappa, as well as the University of Parma, the Gazzetta di Parma and the offices of the Municipality and the Parma Industrialists Union.

During the Parma test phase, four of the most important vending companies, Buonristoro, Ge.S.A., IVS, Argenta and Water Time collaborated with the project.