Filtro Perfetto
Anti Limescale

Filtro Perfetto
Anti Limescale


Protects coffee machines from limescale.


Filtro Perfetto


Perfetto, three advantages in one:

  1. enhanced coffee taste;
  2. the coffee machine lasts longer;
  3. protects coffee machines from limescale.

Profine® Perfetto refines water quality, enhancing the taste of coffee. Featuring a certified resin for drinking water treatment that holds limescale, Perfetto is an essential protection for coffee machines, preventing limescale build up.

Ideal for use with espresso coffee machines, american coffee machines, coffee pod and capsule machines: for all consumer and professional applications.

Perfetto is part of a wider range of Profine® water treatment and vending products, tested and designed to meet all the needs of restaurants, caterers, vending professionals both for domestic or workplace use.



How Perfetto works

Removes total hardness of water.
Offers an excellent protection against scale build up.
Doesn’t change the pH (acidity).

Perfect is based on the optimization of a strong cationic resin that works according to the ion exchange principle with sodium cycle.
Ionic exchange allows exchanging calcium and magnesium ions with non-encrusting sodium ions.

Scale build up is well known to clog coffee machines, affecting rapidly the performance and in the long term can permanently damage the coffee machine; while carbonates have a negative effect on the aroma and taste of coffee. Perfetto’s resin includes a treatment to remove smells and unpleasant tastes from water.