Thanks to HYBRID, a new product line, Flo gives its contribution to actively enhance the environment.

Flo has chosen a new formula for HYBRID products combined with a reduced environmental impact, less CO2 emissions, if compared to the traditional vending cups of the same weight (3,8 g).

Flo has counted on expertise and experience of DNV Business Assurance, an independent company of the DNV (Det Norske Veritas) group, leader in certification field and monitoring greenhouse gases emissions, in order to calculate CO2 emissions caused by the new product, that is its "carbon foot print" (the total amount of greenhouse gases emissions coming from a product or a service) comparing it with the one associated to the traditional product.

The analysis has been carried out following the international standards ISO 14064, reference norm for monitoring and measuring the greenhouse gases and PAS 2050 stating the criteria for measuring life cycle (LCA) of a product, calculating its environmental impact.

Taking as reference year 2011, DNV has calculated, according to the available data on Flo information technology system and Ecoinvent data bank, the CO2 emissions produced during production cycle, starting from raw materials production and packaging materials by supplier production sites, to the transport and delivery to Flo Italy and France plants, to the stage of use by production sites up to product distribution.


The basic studied processes has been the following:

  • Raw materials and auxiliary components
  • Energy consumption during production process
  • Generated waste during production process
  • Packaging materials and waste transport
  • Product distribution


The results, shown in the following chart, have clearly underlined the improved environmental performance in terms of CO2 emissions of the new Hybrid product:

On average, the new Hybrid reduces 25% of CO2 emissions associated to traditional product corresponding to:

  • 3,9gr of CO2 for each single cup
  • 9,12 ton of CO2 for 33 pallets truck.






Using the same criteria analysis, DNV has calculated the CO2 emissions relating to paper cup of the same capacity distributed by Flo and the results, compared to Hydrid data, are shown in the below chart:

The study underlines that the CO2 emission of Hybrid are the same of paper cup.







Hybrid represents a real solution for reducing CO2 emissions in the environment, even keeping all the advantages of the Flo plastic vending cups, it is namely reliable, hygienic and 100% recyclable.